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Hi there,
I've been inactive on deviantArt for quite a while now, only updating my portoflio on other sites. This ends today! Will be bringing my gallery here up to date and will let you know what I've been up to during my dA-hiatus.

I will not be "cleaning up" my portfolio here to show only the newest/best work. I think it's a valuable experience for artists to see how others have developed/grown over the years. If you're interested in my most recent work (only), please visit my website

I've just put up an FB account. So if you want to be up to date with my work, just drop by here:…

London calling again.
I'll be off to that great ol' city, London, for about a week.
See you all later!
Wotcher everyone.
Since the semester has finally come to an end I'll make use of my newly gained freetime and remind all of you that- occasionally- I do commissions.
So IF you like my art and have an idea for a digital painting of your favorite character, some landscape, yourself or Idontknowhwat in mind that you've been longing to have realised for so long, just give me shout here on dA. We'll discuss the particulars and the price, needless to say.
Hey people,
thought you'd probably like to see a bit of photography, too. There are now two folders in my gallery, so everything should be pretty easy to find.
Thanks for all the comments and so forth :]
Well, it's been a while.

For almost two years, I haven't posted anything here- there were many reasons for that, "artist's block" for one, university for another, but now I've finally found the time to show you some of my more recent work.

I don't feel like I've come a long way in those two years, but I certainly developed a few new skills, so maybe it'll be interesing for you to compare my older work with the new- a fast forward of two years.

I'll try to keep my work here fairly up to date, but since I already failed to do that two years ago, I shan't make any promises.
Other work (including photography) can be viewed on my website;


Hey everyone,
I'll be in Budapest, Hungary for the next two weeks- just need a vacation.
See you then!